Testimonials for Siskiyou Center

We attend this program every year and have enjoyed it every time. The lectures are great. The other participants are friendly and interesting. The theatre seats are excellent. The food is outstanding. There is never enough free time to see the Ashland sights. What more could one ask?
—Art & Carol K., Livermore, CA

Attending a Siskiyou Center theatre program means you get to go to a place where you get entertainment, education, food, and lodging in one package. How can you beat that?
—Gerry H., Seattle, WA

A Siskiyou Center program is a unique and beautiful blend of outstanding theatre productions, informative and entertaining lectures and talks, theatre-lover camaraderie, comfortable accommodations, and delicious food—all in the wonderful town of Ashland, Oregon!
—Paula B., Ashland, OR

After attending the Siskiyou Center program in April 2013 in Ashland, Oregon, I have only terrific memories. As well as three very diverse plays at the Oregon Shakespeare FestivalA Streetcar Named Desire, The Taming of the Shrew, and Two Trains Running, we had diverse(!) discussions with actors in each of the plays as well as in-depth commentary by our instructors about them. I’ve been coming to this program for many years and have enjoyed the rooms where we stay on campus, the choice of food at the Commons, the beauty of Ashland in spring, and the camaraderie of fellow attendees.
—Ruth C., Klamath Falls, OR

We have been going to Ashland for several years now, and we do not want to ever miss a season! It is great if you know a lot about theatre and plays, but if you do not know anything, it is wonderful, too! You learn so much, and you can enjoy the plays much more after having listened to all the great speakers who are actors or directors from the Festival.
—Ed and Hanne G., Bellevue, WA

The Siskiyou Center program truly enhances our attendance at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival each year. Nicole gets wonderful guests and puts on a varied program. We would not attend OSF without it!
—Wayne & Dolores B., Newport Beach, CA

It was important for me to know what was going to happen, and it actually happened. It was just wonderful! When somebody said we were going to be somewhere, we were there. And everybody was just so friendly! This was a wonderful experience, and I’m glad that I’m going to repeat it again this year.
—Martha M., Castle Rock, WA

We have been involved with Siskiyou Center since its inception, attended every year, and have never been disappointed! We have had great accommodations and food service and made lasting friendships. The programs have been well-planned and exceptional.
—Don & Claudia E., Fawnskin CA

I think Nicole knows everyone at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and nearly everyone in Ashland. She has her pick of great teachers and produces fabulous programs. I’m returning for my third year with Siskiyou Center.
—Lee V., Mercer Island, WA

We can’t say enough good things about the Siskiyou Center’s OSF program. The organization, speakers, and classes are superb. We especially enjoyed staying at the Ashland Springs Hotel last season with its close proximity to the theatres. Nicole leaves nothing to chance.
—Bill & Margy F., Granite Bay, CA

What an opportunity! After years of coming to Ashland with friends, I then joined groups on the SOU campus where many playgoers return season after season. Now with Siskiyou Center, I’ve seen fresh staging of the most popular Shakespeare plays and have been excited to complete the canon. The groups also see musicals, revivals, and the introduction of timely themes. This all happens with the aid of those in the company who are devoted to giving us a rich, memorable experience.
—Caroline E., Medford, OR

We have been going to OSF for over 30 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Eight years ago, we discovered the Senior Ventures program and joined it. It later became the Siskiyou Center. We find the speakers give a dimension and depth to the performances that add a great deal to our theatre experience. We are truly impressed by the seriousness and devotion they bring to the acting profession. Nicole Graham is an excellent director of this program and we urge all serious theatre-goers to join the program.
—John and Joan C., Lincoln, CA

Through Siskiyou Center programs with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the best of drama is yours to enjoy. In and near Ashland, you’ll find the best of Oregon.
—Ken & Miriam P., Portland, OR

Each year, as soon as our Siskiyou Center session is over, my sister and I sign up for the next year. Why? The quality of the acting; the excellent pre- and post-show talks by actors, directors, and dramaturges; the classes; the camaraderie of classmates who get as excited as I do; even the table talk at meals; the fun. But, most of all … the plays, the plays, the plays.
—Gretchen G., Raymond, WA

I had the pleasure of attending two Oregon Shakespeare Festival programs: the 2013 session with 10 plays and an earlier year with a weeklong program. The plays, Shakespearean and other, were all well-produced and acted; the venues were interesting and comfortable; the discussions were illuminating and varied; and the attendees were interested, diverse, and friendly. I enjoyed the comfortable accommodations and, especially in 2013, the varied and tasty meal choices. All in all, this is a wonderful way to vacation in a beautiful state while sharing with likeminded participants cultural experiences, both familiar and new. Siskiyou Center staff members were helpful and made the program and visit worthwhile.
—K. McGrath, The Villages, FL

As a veteran OSF attendee every year since 1997, I have attended independently, with two different community college tours, and with Nicole Graham’s Siskiyou Center programs for the last two years. The Siskiyou Center offerings are by far the best due to the reasonable cost; variety of programs offered; and, most of all, because Siskiyou Center Director Nicole Graham has a depth of experience and OSF connections extending back over a decade. She secures great seats and provides talks by folks in every phase of OSF productions—actors, directors, artistic staff, tech staff, etc. Siskiyou Center programs simply can’t be beat by every measure.
—Cheryl H., San Mateo, CA

Looking forward to returning to Oregon Shakespeare Festival with Siskiyou Center. Fine plays, outstanding actors, stimulating classes, and interesting people create memorable adventures in theatre.
—Ellen J., Newtown Square, PA

Our experience at Siskiyou Center was above and beyond anything expected. Not only were the plays great, but our instructors were informative, learned, and totally vivacious. We came away with far more knowledge and insight into Shakespeare than we’d had previously. And the participants were special, too—very bright and unpretentious. We had a great time.
—Pat & Jim A., Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic shows! Outstanding actors! Informative and interesting lectures! Beautiful scenery! Great nearby restaurants. What more can one ask?
—Nancy R., Los Alamitos, CA