Extra Nights

Cox Hall at Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University

If you would like to stay an extra night on the SOU campus before or after your program, we are certainly able to accommodate you! For your extra night(s), you will be assigned to the same room you stay in for your program.

The per-person rates for extra nights are as follows:

$66: Double occupancy, private bathroom
$91: Single occupancy, private bathroom
$41: Double occupancy, shared bath down the hall
$61: Single occupancy, shared bath down the hall


Meals in the cafeteria are available on a cash basis, and there are more than 100 restaurants in Ashland, several of which are near campus.


You can pay for your extra nights through the Conference Office after you arrive on campus, so please don’t send payment for extra nights in advance.


Please contact us at 458-203-0735 or tyrone@siskiyoucenter.com if you have any questions regarding extra nights during your program.