Kimberley Jean Barry

Kimberley Jean BarryKIMBERLEY JEAN BARRY is Director of Stage Management at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Having served for 37 seasons at OSF, she has been a production stage manager since 1991. From 1984 to 2004, Kimberley was the stage manager for 36 productions, half of which were Shakespeare, as well as the world premiere of Daughters of the Revolution (Continental Divide). Her other OSF credits comprise Stage Manager for the 1988–2009 Daedalus Project AIDS benefit shows; backstage tour manager (1987–present); four Festival tours, including the OSF and Berkeley Repertory Theatre coproduction of Continental Divide at Berkeley Repertory Theatre and in England at Birmingham Repertory and the Barbican’s BITE:04, London.

Current Season

For 2015, Kimberley teaches a one-shot course for many of the programs.